Expired listing. The listing will be deleted in 120 days. a small nanny employment agency offering a very personalized service, owned and operated by myself and my wife - parents of three small, smart and gorgeous kids. My wife and I are working professionals, as such, we have interviewed and hired countless nannies in the past, and yeah...finding the right one is indeed challenging.
Before recruiting our nannies, we will personally interview them, looking for the qualities that we would want from someone looking after our own children. We will only accept them into the agency, and send them for interviews with you, if we ourselves feel confident with them. We will also check their employment references and ask them to get a brgy. and/or police clearance or even voter's ID. Once accepted, a picture taking and finger printing shall then be conducted, as part of our agency's security SOP.
We know how hard it can be for a new nanny to fit into your family situation. We will keep in contact with both the nanny and you the employer and will be available to negotiate and mediate any "growing pains". You can ask for a replacement up to 3 times or your money back.
We will help to set up interviews, supply you with a list of helpful questions to ask at the interview and keep in contact with you through out the entire process. Once you have decided on the nanny for your family, we will supply you with a contract for the placement of the nanny with BIR-OR attached.
We understand the nightmares that you have had with your previous nannies. At AMS...we don't guarantee our nannies to be perfect...but almost as good as mums.
Trust, Peace of Mind, Reliability

3F Unit 305 GK Chua Bldg., Lopez Jaena St.,
Subangdaku, Mandaue City, Cebu PH
268.2010 | 0922.882.5385 | 0926.448.8061
We listen. We care. We deliver.

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ID: 104293258  ARIZO MANPOWER SERVICES, Mandaue City
ID: 104293258
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LOPEZ JAENA ST., SUBANGDAKU, Mandaue City 6014, Philippines
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